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The Gospel of Mark

Soft Cover

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The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark is not only the shortest of the gospels, but is also believed to be the oldest. Initially, the story of Jesus’ ministry from his baptism by John the Baptist to his death and resurrection, was told orally and eventually written down in Ancient Greek. The repeated use of the word “immediately” expresses the original oral tradition of this gospel. The Gospel of Mark presents the idea of the “good news” with enthusiasm and awe at the complexity and humanity of Jesus. Mark’s presentation of Jesus’ ministry that led to the Passion forces readers to understand that Jesus’ words and deeds are not just lessons to be learned, but are intricately linked to lead to the finale of his crucifixion and resurrection. Here in this copy of Mark’s gospel, the original oral format of the Gospel of Mark is maintained along with presenting a clear and exciting history of the ministry of Jesus.

Philippians Book

Large Format:
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The timeless words of the Apostle Paul and Timothy to the Church in Philipi in the New Testament of the Holy Bible contain some of the most valuable guidelines and principles for Christian living. This manuscript of the WEB translation is reproduced in a large format edition.

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Psalms & Proverbs Reader

Nature photography and scriptural wisdom come together in this one-of-a-kind collection.

For thousands of years, believers have turned to Psalms and Proverbs for wisdom and guidance. Here, passages of each book are accompanied by full-color photos of the sort of nature David, Solomon, and their fellow psalmists described in Scripture. Uniquely capturing the beauty of God’s creation, this compendium provides inspiration as you experience everyday life in our world, allowing you to put your troubles on pause and meditate on the truth of the Word.

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The Promised One | Matthew

The Promised One | Matthew is for young readers, helping them read the Gospel account on their own or as an aid in family worship. The book will be followed by The Anointed One | Mark, The Perfect One | Luke, and The Eternal One | John.