City Gospel Movements


Tom White

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The Practitioner's Guide ~ Building City Gospel Movements by Tom White

This is a practical book with years of worldwide ministry experience. A must read for those involved in city reaching to grasp a key imperative of Gods will for the twenty first century church.

The author readily admits that though the strategy for building unity in the Body of Christ, takes a variety of approaches, each differing according to the uniqueness of each culture and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Tom articulates with authority the foundational dynamics key to any movement - the need for corporate spiritual disciplines, and the creation of a leadership pipeline.  In this book Tom provides building blocks on how to foster a movement - fully recognizing the mystery of God sovereignly working to initiate, sustain, and fulfill such movements.

Tom White is an innovative leader in the transformational paradigm emerging worldwide in the Body of Christ. He is an active member of the Mission America Coalition, a member of America’s National Prayer Committee, and served as a Convener for the National City Impact Roundtable from 2002 to 2011. He currently serves on the Leadership Cabinet of “Movement Day”, an annual gathering of city movement practitioners hosted in New York City, and has designed “City Advance”, a cutting-edge leadership learning community for citywide leadership teams. Tom has facilitated hundreds of Leaders Prayer Summits worldwide and currently coaches city movements in North America, India and Eastern Europe.