Scott Myers

Scott MyersScott Myers is the founder of Good Place Publishing and Good Place Akron (, which would not exist apart from his vision, dream and passion to have an impact on the city. He is also the Chairman/CEO of Good Place Holdings.

Since the mid 1990’s, there has been on ongoing movement in Summit County to build unity among those serving the area. One of the key elements to this unity has been the work of Good Place Akron. GPA reports on individuals and organizations telling the stories of those who are serving our community. As a result of these stories, they have identified 11 core groups working within their field of expertise. They refer to those as “Community Focus Groups.” The groups are: Community engagement, Education, Health, Homelessness, Housing, Hunger, Local Food, Neighborhoods, Poverty, Convict Re-entry, and Sustainability. The focus of GPA is to provide relevant content that can’t be found anywhere else, and building relationships with the people who care about our community.

At the same time he noticed the need both for ministries to practice more business disciplines as well as businesses to engage in more ministry aims.

The eutopia Book series comes from Scott's practical experience in business and the community, combined with a lifetime of studying the Bible and his desire to understand the fundamental principles that guide effective living.